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Family Medicine includes:

  • Adult wellness physicals
  • Well baby/child physicals
  • Employment/academic physicals
  • Obstetrical care
  • General growth and development screening
  • Counseling services; individual, couple, family
  • Immunizations
  • Allergy injections but not testing
  • Contraceptive counseling
  • Sonogram
  • Spirometry testing
  • Stress test EKG *
  • Basic laboratory services
  • Acute (sick) visits



Surgical Services:   (Surgical privileges individualized by physician)

  • Endometrial biopsy
  • Cryo surgery
  • Incision and drainage of non-infected cysts, abscesses, pilonidal and perianal cysts
  • Incision and removal of foreign body, subcutaneous
  • Debridement (minor)
  • Punch biopsy
  • Removal of skin tags
  • Excision of benign skin lesions, malignant skin lesions
  • Excision of nail or nail matrix
  • Repair of superficial wounds
  • Vasectomy
  • Destruction of condylomia vulva, multiple chemical/electrodesiccation
  • Indirect laryngoscope
  • Removal of impacted cerumen
  • Removal of foreign body from nose, ears, eyes
  • Existaxis treatment with cautery and/or packing
  • Initial therapy of first degree burn to include dressing, debridement
  • Injection of tendon sheaths, ligaments, trigger points
  • Caesarean section*
  • Colonoscopy*  **
  • EGD*  **



Muscular Skeletal:

  • Conservative treatment, nasal fracture
  • Closed reduction, uncomplicated digital fracture
  • Conservative treatment, rib fracture
  • Conservative treatment, clavicular fracture
  • Conservative treatment, humeral surgical or anatomic neck fracture *
  • Closed manipulative reduction, shoulder dislocation, closed  *
  • Conservative treatment with reduction, radial head or neck fracture *
  • Manipulative reduction radial head sublaxtion in child
  • Conservative treatment, radial shaft fracture closed, with reduction radial and ulnar shaft fracture, Smith or Colles fracture *
  • Closed manipulative reduction of same in child *
  • Conservative treatment, carpal bone fracture, closed *
  • Drainage of abcess
  • Conservative treatment, metacarpal fracture, closed single with reduction *
  • Closed fracture phalanges, proximal or middle with manipulation
  • Closed fracture distal phalanx
  • Conservative treatment, medial malleolus fracture *
  • Conservative treatment, patella dislocation *
  • Conservative treatment, fibula, proximal or shaft closed with reduction: *
    • lateral malleolus

    • tibia fibula shafts

    • bi-malleolar fracture

    • tarsal ones

    • metatarsal bones

    • phalanx, phalanges

  • Finger splinting
  • Casting of extremities  *



*  Indicates procedure performed at St. Francis Hospital

** Indicates procedure performed at Hillsboro Hospital     


CARES ACT NOTICE  |  Covid-19 Testing Prices:

  • Swab: $150

  • Antibody Tests: $80 Each

  • Pricing subject to adjustment based on insurance plan and contract pricing

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